May 25, 2017 What to Expect at your Initial Consultation


You have a beautiful new engagement ring on your finger, you’ve started researching and planning, you’ve been to a few bridal stores to try on dresses; and that’s where you hit a little speed bump. Maybe you’ve only tried on a few dresses and haven’t seen anything you like, or maybe you’ve tried on 20+ and have liked small features of each one. You decide you need to chat with a designer about having a custom gown made; but where do you go from there, and what should you expect at your initial consultation?

At KWD each bride is worked with individually on a one-on-one basis. Your private, initial consultation will usually take about 1 hour, during which time we will get to know each other, discuss your likes and dislikes, and chat about the plans you have already made for your big day. It is not necessary to bring along hundreds of images of inspiration, however a few images do help ensure we are on the same page; especially when it comes to sewing terminology and design details! You will have an opportunity to browse through delicate fabrics and beautiful laces, as well as see a range of gowns currently being made at various stages of completion. As all KWD wedding dresses are made to measure, each gown is unique in it’s own personal way.

During your initial consultation I will sketch up a quick design as we chat, and you will slowly see your dream gown come to life (on paper!). I do not charge a consultation fee, however consultations are strictly by appointment only. This allows me to chat with you one on one and maintain the highest level of quality in my work, while also dividing my time appropriately between consultations, fittings, and sewing time. Budgets can be discussed in your enquiry emails beforehand, and I do ask that respect is shown and initial consultations are only booked if you are seriously interested in having your dream wedding dress made.

After your initial consultation I will send you a more refined design proposal and quote, and then the decision is yours to make! Custom wedding dresses usually require a minimum of 4 months to create, however if you are running short on time please don’t hesitate to ask as I can generally be quite flexible with timelines – I have made beautifully beaded gowns in 5 weeks, and I have made elegant, simple gowns over 12 months!

Each gown is made through a series of fittings (usually about 4-5) during which time you will have many opportunities to alter any aspects of the design as you watch your gown progress. If you are travelling from a rural area, arrangements can be made to minimise the number of times you will be required to travel to Sydney for fittings. You are more than welcome to bring a few family members and friends with you to any of your appointments, however please keep in mind that my studio is quite intimate and cannot accommodate large groups.

If this sounds like a process you’d like to experience, please get in touch!