August 18, 2017 How To Store Your Wedding Dress


You’ve spent months having your dream wedding dress created, your wedding day has been and gone – so what now? If you plan on preserving your wedding dress and keeping it perfect for future generations; it needs to be stored correctly.


Have your wedding dress dry cleaned as soon as possible after your big day – the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove any stains or marks, and the worse they will become over time. If you are leaving for your honeymoon right away, I recommend assigning someone you trust with the job of dropping your gown off. Do your research ahead of time and select your dry cleaner carefully; you want to ensure they are experienced, they understand the delicate fabrics and embellishments, and they will treat your dress with love and respect.

Wrap your dress in acid free paper and store it in an acid free box. Most dry cleaners will sell specialised ‘Heritage Boxes’ for your dress – avoid the ones with plastic windows in the lid, as the combination of plastic toxins and light exposure will cause any part of your dress that is near the window to yellow over time. Carefully lay out acid free tissue paper and fold your dress in to it – it doesn’t need to be perfectly creased and folded, I find a more effortless draping method to be more effective over time. If your dress has delicate beading or lace, ensure you layer acid free tissue paper in between.

Ensure the whole dress is wrapped in tissue paper – don’t tape it! The use of sticky tape could be disastrous over time. Place your tissue paper package in to your box – I like to line the box with tissue paper too. Pop the lid on and seal off around the opening with masking tape – this will ensure no light creeps in, and no little moths or mites can get in and destroy your dream gown.

Store your box in a dark, dry place – Under a bed or in the back of a wardrobe is ideal.


TIP: Ask your dress designer if there are any small pieces of left over lace – these can be packaged up with the gown and any future children or loved ones can then have a little piece of your beautiful gown in their own wedding dress! I had a small piece of my grandmother’s lace appliquĂ©d inside my own, and it was definitely a special touch.


Photographer: Nikki Malvar