November 2, 2017 When Should I Start Searching for my Wedding Dress?


The time you allow for searching for your wedding dress ultimately depends on whether you are purchasing a ready-to-wear gown in store, or whether you would like your dream wedding dress made just for you. If you are buying ready-to-wear it’s best to contact individual boutiques directly and enquire about their lead times – most stores recommend allowing 3-6 months dependent on the brand of your chosen dress, whether it is made in Australia or overseas, and whether the brand has a warehouse in Australia.

If you decide to have your wedding dress custom-made, the time you allow for this ultimately depends on the final design, and how busy your dressmaker is at the time.

My recommendation is to start your initial research when you first get engaged so that by the time you decide to have your dress created just for you, you have an understanding of your likes, dislikes and budget.

Depending on the final dress design I recommend allowing on average about 6 months – this gives plenty of time to finalise the perfect design, source fabrics and laces, and have about five dress fittings along the way. This also allows time if you decide to change small things as we go along and you see the dress begin to take shape on your body.

All KIMBERLEY WOODWARD DESIGNS wedding dresses are hand made in the Sydney, Hills District using the finest fabrics and laces imported from all over the world through fabric suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne. If you are after a particularly unique or hard to find lace you will need to allow extra time for sourcing.

Allowing this time ensures the process is relaxed and stress free, leaving you to enjoy the entire process and look back on it fondly.

Sometimes couples have shorter engagements for many varied reasons – and that’s okay! If your wedding is in less than 6 months simply send an email and we can go from there.¬†


Sophie (and Ivy!) in custom KWD. Photo: Tim Coulson