December 5, 2016 Rowena: Mother of the Bride

Dear Kimberley,

Julie’s wedding is now a few week’s past and life is beginning to settle down to normal, whatever that means! It was such a wonderful day and this letter is an attempt to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for my exquisite Mother of the Bride outfit. I approached you very nervously at the thought of wearing a dress, which I had not done for many years, but Julie had indicated that it would mean a great deal to her if I did.

What would have happened without you? From my very first visit to your studio you were so encouraging and positive that you could design and make an outfit that would both look and feel beautiful to wear and one that I would also be excited about wearing. To add an element of difficulty I was a new recruit to Weight Watchers and was losing weight regularly. You assured me that this was not a problem and you were right. Despite losing several kilos during the course of the fitting process you took it in your stride and adjusted the garment accordingly, assuring me constantly at each fitting that you could make any necessary adjustments right up to a week before the wedding date. Nothing was too much trouble as you patiently pinned in seams to fit the slimmer me!

Kimberley, the quality of your work was impeccable. From the fit of the garment to the stitching and the beautiful beading every element was completed with painstaking attention to detail. In the design phase you made sure that I was happy with your ideas and visions and you were always more than happy to make any changes that made me feel comfortable and at ease with the end product.

The many compliments that I received on the day of the wedding attest to the superb quality of your workmanship and creative abilities. Julie’s comment “Mum, you look stunning” made my day and we both have you to thank for that special moment between us.

So once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Love, cares and prayers,