March 16, 2017 Why You Should Consider Having Your Wedding Dress Custom Made

Have you been to countless bridal salons and tried on an endless supply of hot, heavy, stiff, and uncomfortable gowns? Have you trawled through Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and collected images of gowns that you only like parts of? A talented designer can cater to your every whim; they know how to accentuate your best features, how to tailor a gown perfectly to your silhouette, and how to create a gown of such quality that you will be comfortable and at ease for your entire wedding day.

A custom made wedding dress is just that – custom made. It is custom made to your body, your measurements, your likes and dislikes, and your style. During an initial consultation with Kimberley in one of her intimate home studios (Sydney or Tamworth), you will not only work through all these aspects, but she will sketch a design of your dream gown on the spot and go through beautiful fabric and lace options.

A custom gown isn’t rushed; it is carefully created by hand through a series of fittings (usually about five fittings over a six-month period) in a relaxed, nurturing environment. It is a process that creates memories to last a lifetime, and you will leave each fitting with growing excitement as you watch your dream gown come to life.

At KIMBERLEY WOODWARD DESIGNS, everything is made on site – designs, individual patterns for each bride, calico mock-ups, gown creation, and dress fittings. Everything is hand made from scratch, so you are guaranteed a personal, perfect couture fit. By doing this you are assured a locally and ethically produced gown, with the quality and reliability of supporting an Australian business.

If you have been struggling to find your dream wedding dress in store, or if you know right away that you’d like your gown created just for you; consider making an obligation free initial consultation with Kimberley to discuss your dream gown.