August 30, 2017 Behind the Seams – August

04. 08. 17 – Handed over this pretty number yesterday – can’t wait to see photos!

08. 08. 17 – | TAMWORTH BRIDES |
Heads up to my lovely rural brides; I only have four spaces left for consultations in my Tamworth studio on August 26th! If you’re keen to meet up for an obligation free initial consultation please get in touch now so you don’t miss out – the next Tamworth date will be in October.

18. 08. 17 – | TAMWORTH BRIDES |
Rural brides – I have two time slots left for initial consultations in the Tamworth studio on August 26th! If Friday or Sunday would work better for you; just ask!
Initial consultations are a great way for us to get to know each other and outline the process of having your dream wedding dress created just for you; not to mention see it come to life as I sketch up your design on the spot.

18. 08. 17 – | NEW BLOG |
You’ve spent months having your dream wedding dress created, your wedding day has been and gone – so what now? If you want to preserve your wedding dress and keep it perfect for future generations; it needs to be stored correctly.
Head to the blog to learn how!

24. 08. 17 – | RURAL BRIDES |
Tamworth brides – you have five days until your first initial consultation date! I am almost fully booked for the Saturday, and have started taking bookings for Sunday 27th too – get in touch now before you miss out! The next Tamworth weekend will be in early/mid October.

24. 08. 17 – Ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles in the studio today!

25. 08. 17 – | RURAL BRIDES |
Looking forward to a weekend full of bridal consultations – see you soon, Tamworth!

28. 08. 17 – | RURAL BRIDES |
What a weekend! Back in the Cherrybrook studio today after a busy, busy, busy weekend meeting all my lovely rural brides.
Thanks for having me, Tamworth; stay tuned for what’s to come!

30. 08. 17 – Every dress starts with a personal watercolour sketch of each bride’s custom design – this is used as the reference point throughout the process as I bring her dream gown to life.