October 1, 2014 Amelia: From Pam.

What a wonderful experience it was to have my daughters formal gown made by KWD for her Graduation Formal/Valedictory Dinner.

It removed all the stress of going through shop after shop for hours trying to find that ‘perfect dress’. No more; “We can’t buy this one because I know three other girls have bought similar dresses.”

Kimberley was able to design the gown that my daughter had pictured in her mind; try finding ‘that’ in the shops! Beautiful colour sketches showed my daughter that they were on the same page.
Kimberley then made the dress to fit my daughters measurements perfectly.
It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, Kimberley will be able to create the dress that fits and complements you.

Whilst all the other Mums were describing months of painstaking, fruitless searching, and tears and stress over not finding a suitable dress, I was able to sit back and relax and watch a happy daughter excitedly watch her dress develop through fun fitting sessions.

The knowledge that the gown will fit perfectly, comes in any colour or fabric that you desire, you don’t have to search everywhere for something only close to what you actually want and the guarantee that no other girl will turn up in the same dress makes it the reason why I will turn to KWD everytime I need that special outfit in the future.

Kimberley herself is such a delight, she makes the whole experience a lot of fun.


Pam xx